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Age Wrinkles the Body…

I read in my quiet time this morning that “Age Wrinkles the Body but Quitting Wrinkles the Soul” (Douglas MacArthur). Are you prone to Soul Wrinkles at times? I know I can be… Do you know how many times I have focused on the one thing I have done badly rather than the many things I have done well? What happens to me then is that I can work myself into a negative cycle and could easily talk myself into quitting something. My husband is my ever constant cheerleader and he is always encouraging me to stay positive. He once told me that in business it’s not about how many times you fall, but it’s about how quickly you get back up! I’m learning that positive soul talk is so important to get through every day, whether you are in business or are a mother, sister, wife, brother, father or whatever your role in life is. I’ve also learned that I’m okay with wrinkles that are popping up here and there (well, I’m not TOTALLY okay with it!), but I certainly don’t want Soul Wrinkles. I chose to not allow quitting to be in my vocabulary. It certainly doesn’t mean that some days are not harder than others, but it just means that I may have to get up a few more times that day! 🙂

Dena Furlow

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