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Do Your Homework to Hire so You Don’t have to Fire!!

So for some reason I have a mental block or aversion when it comes to blogging and my mind goes completely blank every time I know I need to sit down and put some thoughts on paper. I know it’s necessary in this day and age, especially when one may want to share their expertise and knowledge in the industry.

I met with a couple this evening who will be selling their house in the early spring and we talked about how important it is for a seller (or buyer) to trust their real estate agent to know that they have their best interest at heart and yet how difficult that is when one doesn’t even know them! I thought it would be a good idea to maybe list some difficult questions you should ask an agent before hiring them, whether you are selling or buying your next house.

Question No. 1 ~ How long have you been in the Real Estate Business and is this your Full Time Business?

Question No. 2 ~ Where does most of your business come from?

Question No. 3 ~ Why are you in this business?

Question No. 4 ~ What is your Average Sale to List Price Ratio on the Homes you List to Sell?

Question No. 5 ~ What is your Average Market Time for the homes you List to Sell?

Question No. 6 ~ How Much Marketing do you Do for your Listings?

Question No. 7 ~ How Many homes have you Sold in the past 12 months?

These are obviously not all the questions that could make or break a strong relationship with you and your real estate broker, however, it will really determine if they are truly committed to you as a person or just simply the “sale of your house”. Whether an agent has a passion for his job, business or industry is wonderful; however, when he or she has a passion for you as an individual first and foremost, then you know you have a win-win relationship with your Real Estate Broker and things should be achieved on your behalf for all the right reasons!

Chose Wisely and Always at your Service,


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