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Getting Ready to Sell? Where should I invest my $$?

We frequently are asked what would be the largest return on someone’s home, when they are thinking of selling. Depending on the house, location and size, numbers vary. However, These stats are from the National Association of Realtor and as you can see, it begins with curb appeal…. we always say that your entrance sets the stage for the rest of the home and clearly, the ROI below shows that. Sometimes it’s as simple as painting the door and hanging a nice wreath or placing a plant next to it and yet it is vital for the sellability of the house. From there what you do with the rest of the interior and exterior will depend on how much is needed. It’s important to contact an expert in the market to know what will net you the most in the current market we are in.

  1. Entry door replacement / Estimated job cost: $1,137 / Return on investment at resale: 85.6%
  2. Deck addition / Job cost: $9,327 / ROI: 77.3%
  3. Garage Door Replacement / Job cost: $1,496 / ROI: 75.7%
  4. Minor Kitchen Remodel / Job cost: $18,527 / ROI: 75.4%
  5. Bathroom Remodel / Job cost: $18,000 / ROI: 64.8%
  6. Basement Remodel / Job cost: $61,303 / ROI: 70.3%
  7. Fix Window Leaks / Job cost: $2,000 / ROI: 73.9%
  8. Replace Roof / Job cost: $6,000 / ROI: 68.8%

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